COTD Village, BCC & Greater Union Movie Tickets $7.95 each inc delivery

28 October 2007

COTD do come out occasionally with a good deal and I think this is one of them.
You get 10 tickets for $79.95 delivered.
Some more info off the site:
"These can be redeemed in exchange for Adult or Child admission into any Village, Greater Union and BCC cinemas (excluding Gold Class). As you are probably aware, the Village and BCC cinema network is the largest in the country, comprising of close to a hundred cinemas around Australia. These movie tickets are valid for 9 months from the end of October 2007 until late June 2008 and can be used Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, for both day and evening sessions."


  • Keeys
    brrrrrr cold in here...just wondering why people voted cold?
  • lindanat
    I thought it was an awesome deal i got 10.
  • Keeys
    I just bought 5 to send to the neices and nephews who are teens for xmas. I'll but them a bag of minities or alike to put with them ;) Thought it was a cheap xmas gift will most likly cosy me $50 for 5 gifts :D
  • Brad
    Works out about half price :) - nice one!
  • nod
    We know we have a few snowmen in here ;) Just wish you guys would help us all out and write a comment. Cold votes are fine if you are voting cold for a reason
  • lilpretzel
    I'm going to vote warm, I didn't like that you could only use on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. Tuesday is the cheap day & we mainly go weekends ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    By the looks of it what has happened here is that there is a pivot point after which a warm vote actually registers as a negative on the temp. Most of the votes registered on here look like a warm rather than a cold, although there may be 2 of the latter. Think I might go change that warm pivot point it as its still set to something silly.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ok - changed.... that should make a difference. To me warm means warm not cold. Anyway, one of the funny little aspects of this platform.

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