CoTD - Star Wars Lightsaber Nightlight w/ Remote $19.70 + Shipping $6.95

9 August 2012

This reminds me of 'The Big Bang Theory' when there was a blackout and Leonard came swishing out with his big light saber! hehe

This is just Perfect for all you Star Wars fans out there! Comes in 8 different colours EFFECT and a remote control... and it makes cool sounds too!

** Limited Stock & Limited Time!! Get in Quick!! **

Young Jedis might not be afraid of Darth Vader, but theyre often afraid of the dark! Help them sleep soundly with this glowing Lightsaber Nightlight, including a remote control! It changes colours with the click of a button and adds a calming space presence to any bedroom - perfect for sweet dreams! It's also a great accessory in older kids rooms who just want the awesomeness of a lightsaber on their wall!

* Star Wars Lightsaber Nightlight w/ Remote
* Help keeps with a fear of the dark to sleep at night
* Great for little Star Wars fans and older ones alike
* Adds a galactic aurora to any space
* Choose from 8 colour effects
* Easy to construct, helps keeps to learn about electronics - learning guide included
* Battery operated so you can mount in any location
* Easily mounts to wall
* IR remote control with manual and auto-spectrum modes
* Batteries: 5 x AAA required (not included)
* 12 month warranty

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