Coles - $5 Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince DVD with a $100 grocery purchase

18 November 2009

When you spend $100 on groceries at Coles Supermarkets on Thursday 19th November, you can purchase a Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince DVD for $5.

Terms and conditions are as follows:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD on sale until Wed 25th Nov 2009. Advertised prices not available at Coles Express, Coles Central or ^$100 grocery spend must be reached excluding Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD, recharge, iTunes, Coles Gift Cards and tobacco offer.While stocks last. Limit of 1 per $100 spend.


  • femme17
    I just got my coles weekly catalogue and here in WA the dvd is $12.50 when we spend $100
  • modtang
    Ditto. $12.50 in Wollongong, NSW catalogs too.
  • TeaEarlGrey
    $5 Harry Potter VI DVD deal CONFIRMED!!! I saw TV ad's for the $5 DVD with $100 grocery purchase during this evening's Channel 7 news... The print catalogue (beginning tomorrow 19/11) does indeed show the offer as being $12.50 (with $100 grocery purchase), so the TV ad's grabbed my attention! Live Long and Prosper, Jean-Luc. \_/7
  • golfwidow
    That's odd. I have the catalogue too saying $12.50 but when I look at the online catalogue it says $5.00. Oh ok looks like today only it is $5 then reverts back to $12.50. Will update the OP. Thanks EKB500 :)
  • EKB500
    Hi all - it seems to be a promotion over the top of the paper catalogue. At the online catalogues all reflect the $5 offer. It's a little confusing but i'm going with the tv and online catalogues at $5! It also doesn't say anything about it being only a one day offer so maybe it goes the full length of their weekly catalogue.
  • golfwidow
    Ok changed it back so will just wait and see :)
  • mishmart
    I went shopping in Coles this morning in Vic. The offer is buy it for 5$ here.
  • TeaEarlGrey
    The $5 DVD with $100 grocery purchase offer is for the duration of the catalogue - 25/11/09. Confirmed online and instore today... \_/7
  • golfwidow
    Great! Thanks for the info everyone :)
  • Quokka
    Coles website now says it's sold out :(

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