CLEO Magazine - Free SEDUCE Maxi Dress with February Issue of CLEO

20 January 2010

Thanks to dandan for this deal :)

"Pay $8.95 for CLEO's Feb Issue and get a great Maxi Dress from Seduce.

I just bought one yesterday and the dress is gorgeous.
Material is really nice and soft.
It comes with a choice of 2 colors- Black or Apricot.
The dress is valued at $69.95 by Seduce!
I think they are one sized dresses. I tried them on and I personally think it will best fit between au size 8-12. It is comfy..."


  • blondieo
    Thanks for sharing dandan & GW, lovely deal. Gave you some rep dandan :)
  • blondieo
    Did you see ]this article on the front page of website? (Was trying to see if there was a piccy of the free dress) Interesting idea!:w00t:
  • queenshrew
    I saw the dress at the newsagency... was tempted to buy, but thought I wouldn't want to look like a few thousand others wearing the same dress haha. It's quite nice though...and this is a picture I found of it (not a clear one though)...
  • Rebekah76
    saw it. liked it. prob too small for me, but it looked great... guess it's a nice freebie for wearing around the house anyway?
  • dandan
    Thank you for the photo, queenshrew! It is great!
  • alimac
    picked one up this afternoon - in black. Thanks for this :)

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