Chaos: Grab a PS2, Get A Bonus Game PLUS 7.2% cashback!!

3 February 2008

Chaos currently have an offer when you buy a PS2 from them,
choose from one of the following games as an added bonus, for FREE:
Either Jak 3, Ratchet Gladiator, Tekken 5, God of War 2 or Gran Turismo 4.

Now, the price of a Playstation 2 at Chaos is $199.95 - this is a bit more than you'd expect to pay instore,
but when you consider the cashback or even better,
cashback AND a 10% discount coupon after another purchase (
it's a good deal.


  • Brad
  • nod
    It is a decent price when you consider the game, the 10% off and the cashback :) Thanks Brad I will say that we may have to keep our fingers crossed about the cashback if we use the Paypal offer :( :( :(

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