CD WOW Promotion - Buy 10 Items Get A Free Gift Voucher For Your 11th Item (Tip)

9 June 2009

Just got a wee email about this new promo from CD WOW.

When you buy 10 items online, they will total the average amount you have spent on those items and send you a gift voucher equaling that amount for you to spend on your 11th purchase. (Not bad - it's basically getting an 11th CD or DVD for free!)

Some terms & conditions:

*The average value of the transactions will not include the cost of freight on books or cosmetics.
*Gift Vouchers may not be redeemed for the purchase of Gift Vouchers (you cannot purchase a Gift Voucher with another voucher).
*One or more Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against an order.

***Follow the link to read a bit more...


  • taskel
    This one's still going! :)
  • markr
    Well I have made 10 purchases, but I have not received my Cdwow Club voucher!!!
  • markr
    There are some strict criteria to meet for this offer: The 10 pushases have to be 'Dispatched' within a period of 60 days. I am not all that happy with my experiences of Cdwow: Their customer service in handling complaints seems rather poor. And more interestingly, I find that quite often prices of items will rise, possibly if items perform well in sales or perhaps just for being on my wishlist.

What do you think?

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