CD WOW - Dirty Harry BLU-RAY Collection - NOW $4.95 & Free Delivery

3 December 2009

Just spotted this on CD WOW, could it be a misprice?

It seems like too good a price for a 5 disc blu-ray collection.

I've just ordered it and got my order confirmation through, but it says backorder in my account... so I hope I get it :)

"Veteran actor Clint Eastwood stars as inspector 'Dirty' Harry Callahan of the San Francisco Police Department in this iconic series.

Includes the films: DIRTY HARRY (Special Edition), MAGNUM FORCE (Definitive Edition), SUDDEN IMPACT (Definitive Edition), THE ENFORCER (Definitive Edition), and THE DEAD POOL (Definitive Edition)."

*********EDIT: Was $6.95 now only $4.95************


  • melissanj
    just adding that its region 2... do you know if its easy to get multi region blu ray players now?
  • taskel
    As far as I'm aware region 2 and 4 are both PAL, and most discs are dual coded for both... correct me if I'm wrong... :o
  • lilpretzel
    Due to high demand, this item is temporarily out of stock. Check back soon!
  • taskel
    This Has Been Reduced To $4.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
  • lilpretzel
    Unavailable for purchase at this time..
  • Steptoe
    This Has Been Reduced To $4.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got unavailable a couple of days ago. Where is link for it for $4.95? :whistling:
  • lilpretzel
    I've expired this deal now Steptoe, I guess you just had to be the lucky few to grab it. :)

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