CD WOW - Dirty Dancing 15th Anniversary DVD - ONLY $3.95 Shipped

20 March 2009

Stumbled across this when checking out what I could use my Free $2.00 voucher on but unfortunately it can't be used on Sale Items, it's still a bargain to add to your cart.

It's so sad to see pictures of Patrick Swayze lately, nobody should suffer like that.


  • golfwidow
    Singing into a microphone in a high pitch voice: 'I've, had, the time of my life"...... I lurve this movie :D
  • frednurks
    Transfer Aspect Ratio: 4:3 . Dunno if this is why it's cheap.
  • lilpretzel
    This was $4.76 the other day but seems it went back up to $5.95. Get it for $3.95 until midnight tonight.
  • golfwidow
    Back to $4.76 now :)
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks, Grundie Undie Mod!
  • lilpretzel
    NOW $3.95 Free Delivery

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