CD Wow - bargain basement

6 November 2006

CD Wow has created a bargain basement in each of the Music, DVDs and Games sections within their site.

Theres some good stuff can be found in here, although not all of the bargains listed are just that - but search around and you can find some.

Couple I found were Eminem Curtain Call and The Thin Red Line. They've started their Christmas sales in some of the international stores already so we'll keep you posted when they come up on the AU one.

Would love any feedback on other good cheapies you find.

They've got some discount codes available for the UK site but cant seem to find any for the AU. One was a X off when you sign up. If you find any let us know.

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  • jumpingjack
    Thanks. They seem to be pretty good at having "sales' with most things just at normal prices, but there's always a few gems so it's worth poking around. As for discount codes I think they usually do them as corporate co-branding so worth keeping an eye out there.

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