CD WOW 8hr sale $2 off & Free Shipping

8 August 2008

8 hr sale starting 11 am Celebrating 08/08/08


  • gstok
    Some good buys here, cheaper than JB Hi Fi. I forgot the cashback - d'oh! e.g. Radiohead "In Rainbows" $7.95 Eagles "Farwell" 2DVD $8.95
  • voteoften
    I have pulled up somewhere between 12 and 15 kids dvds and ALL ARE SOLD OUT!!! Far out. They should remove them from view when they are sold out. There are 64 pages of kids dvds. How much time have I wasted becauuse they have all these sold out dvds that I have had to page through?
  • gstok
    Actually CD WOW have a bad reputation for letting you buy something, then taking over a month to get it in stock and post it. With no updates from time of purchase. Definitely don't be in a rush to get items when you buy from them. They're good when things are in stock but terrible when they aren't.
  • admin EDITOR
    good info - thanks gstok.
  • mouldgirl
    Does this end in 5 minutes? I think that would be time if we are talking about EST?

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