CD WOW- $4 off games and beauty, free post and cashback

5 February 2009

Biggest discount ever with free postage!

Started 10am yesterday- for 48 hours only


  • joelwilliam
    I got this via email and thought about posting it here as a deal. However I didn't because they have upped the prices by $4+ just to fake a sale. Pretty disappointing really. For example: I purchased Gears of War 2 from them about 2 weeks ago. Paid: $71.95 with a $2 off coupon Price now after discount $4 discount = $75.95 I also purchased a wii play controller + game last week. Paid $63.95 with a $2 off 12 hour sale. Price now after $4 off = $64.95 So I'm going to carefully watch these guys from now on, with their sales. Or maybe this is just a reflection on the AUD/USD dollar or something being passed on from suppliers. Either way, I didn't think it was a good value sale.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks joelwilliam.
  • MamaK
    thanks for that, do you know if the wii mario kart has been put up? it's the cheapest I have seen so far

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