CD WOW - $3 off everything! 11am-2pm (Transformers 2 disc $8.95!!) - always free delivery

20 June 2008

Good site for CDs, DVDs and Games at reasonable prices plus FREE SHIPPING, which I know we all love.

$3 off storewide gives some nice specials. for example, I just bought Transformers 2-disc edition (region 2) for $8.95 (!!!), Tim Finn - Imaginary Kingdom for $3.95 and Coldplay's latest album for $13.95!

Quite a few good deals in the Bargain Basement sections, check it out


  • voteoften
    What regions can we play here in Oz?
  • stonedewok
    Most dvd players are multiregion so u should be able to play most dvds from around the world...our region is region 4. i've never had an issue with Region 2 (UK), 1 (US),etc...
  • voteoften
    Thanks, it is not taking off the $3. Do you need to enter a code? The home page details the offer, but doesn't say a code is required....
  • stonedewok
    no need for a code, all prices automatically reflect the $3 off...(ie, the price in red)
  • nod
    And these guys now offer cashback. Not a huge amount but always better than nothing :)

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