Cartoon Funny Puppy Dog Fancy dress Costume Suit $112.50

15 May 2007

Just think of the fun you could have at parties with this!

This super-fun dog costume will make you the centre of attention! Your friends will giggle with levity when you don this costume. This dog costume is great for Halloween and fancy dress parties.

Great for Halloween and costume parties
Lots of fun!
150 - 180cm tall persons
Cotton padded
Net vent gap beside eyes
Head diameter: 35cm
Arm length: 73cm
Groin to foot length: 75cm
Foot size: 33cm X 23cm
Overall length: 180cm
Carton dimension: 60cm x 45cm x 41cm
G.W : 5.3 kg
Material : artificial hair


  • sandgroper
  • nod
    Cute but not sure it is worth 100 bucks, unless you went to a lot of parties How much to hire one?
  • sandgroper
    Hire it out to friends when you dont get invited, $20 a pop soon pays it off.
  • nod
    Now that sounds like an excellent idea :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I've only just seen this..... ! suppose you could buy it, and then put it on ebay on a 'per hire' basis......

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