Buy 2 Packs of Kinder Bueno and See a Movie at Hoyts or AMC for Only $5

21 February 2010

Buy 2 specially marked promo packs of kinder bueno to see a movie at hoyts or AMC for only $5. Starts 1st March 2010.

Each purchase of two specially marked Kinder Bueno Surprise Chocolate bars during the promotion period qualifies the purchaser to claim a $5 Movie ticket at a participating Hoyts or AMC Cinema. To claim, the eligible consumer must take their wrappers to and enter the lot number and expiry date of each wrapper. Upon validation of this information, eligible consumers will be required to enter their details including name, phone number, email address and post code. Upon completion of the claim requirements, the consumer will be able to print off a $5 ticket voucher to use at a participating Hoyts or AMC Cinema. The claimant must handover to box office staff both specially marked Kinder Bueno wrappers and the $5 ticket voucher, in order to claim their $5 movie ticket.

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