Buckscoop Christmas Quiz! Tuesday 9th December - HAS NOW STARTED!!

3 December 2008

Attention All Buckscoopers, NEW & OLD!!

Buckscoop brings you more Christmas Fun with a Christmas Quiz or 2, start brushing up on carols, history etc etc

All The Rules And More Details Will Be Posted Up Soon!

New To Buckscoop?
Make Sure You Sign Up Before The Qiuz Starts!


  • lilpretzel
    http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/Buckscoop/677d9cf5.jpg [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4]More Information To Come Soon! Remember to mark Tuesday 9th December in your calendar. [/SIZE][/FONT]
  • melissanj
    count me in please!! i get my laptop this friday so ill definately be in it!!!....im not too sure about my christmas knowledge though:o
  • kermi
    Sounds like fun!! Where do I sign? :D
  • craftykiwi
    Sign me up too thanks Lilpretzel. Brain may not be as alert at that time of night again, but do love all your games so will be there with Xmas bells on.
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll be stuffed then.. am hopeless at thinking...or having to think.
  • golfwidow
    Donkey certainly gets around doesn't he :whistling: :D
  • nixf3
    Count me in - I am up for a challenge :)
  • Todger
    Count me in
  • admin EDITOR
    Donkey certainly gets around doesn't he :whistling: :D
    :D:D - good donkey...
  • lilpretzel
    http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/Buckscoop/6b91c744.gif [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=6] Don't forget it's our Quiz night tonight!! [/SIZE][/FONT] :xmas5: :xmas9: :xmas3:
  • sparkles164
    do we have to sign up to be involved lilpretzel? or do we just rock up at show time? :D
  • lilpretzel
    Just rock up :D
  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] [SIZE=5] [SIZE=4] Tonight's fun and games will be posted in seperate threads with the 1st Quiz starting in about 15 mins - 9.30PM[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] [SIZE=5] Rules:[/SIZE] 1. Quiz shall commence at 9.30PM DST. 2. The Questions will be posted all at once. 3. The winner will be [/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]the first member to PM [/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype]me, ]lilpretzel [/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype]with all the correct answers![/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4] [/SIZE][FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] 4. Member [/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]will win a $10 :box-purple: voucher.[/FONT][/SIZE] [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] 5. You ONLY get ONE chance to submit your answers! 6. Please do not discuss the answers anywhere in the forum or via PM 7. As always Admin word is final as far as the winner is concerned 8. You can ONLY win 1 Voucher per member! 8. We will be having 2 Quizzes & a surprise game with a break in between of about 5 mins! Good Luck & Enjoy![/SIZE][/FONT]
  • golfwidow
    Woohoo! :D
  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] [SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] Please read the rules above as once I post the Quiz the game has started! Good Luck & Enjoy![/SIZE][/FONT]
  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4] First Quiz is just about to be posted! ** It's not in this thread ** [/SIZE][/FONT]
  • MamaK
    will they be posted in here?
  • lilpretzel
    Nope in there own thread :D
  • MamaK
    cheers, I read that after I posted.... getting a wee bit too excited i think :P

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