Borders Carlton (VIC) DVD Sale

14 January 2010

Was in Borders in Carlton (VIC) tonight using my 35% off voucher, as posted previously, and saw that they are having a massive DVD sale. More specifically, noticed that they had all the seasons of CSI for $15 each and all the seasons of Jag, Walker: Texas Ranger and Macgyver for $10 each. Not a fan of these shows myself but seemed like a pretty good price.
I picked up a copy of Miss Marple collection 3 for $10 for my mum and the Tour de France 2003-2007 for $40. There was heaps of other titles there as well.
Asked one of the staff members if these prices were available at all Borders but they said it was Carlton only. They couldn't tell me when the sale finished but said it should be on for the next two weeks.

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