Borders - 30% off all Full Priced DVD's/Cd's & Further 20% off Already Reduced

22 June 2010

Saw this sale at Borders Carlton today on my lunch break. It is all Borders stores though, because they didn't have one of the DVD's I wanted and offered to call another store. Apparently goes for at least another week according to the person who was helping me.

Anyway, the 30% off deal alone is pretty good but what is even better is that it is a further 20% off anything that is already on sale. And there doesn't seem to be any exceptions.

Picked up a copy of the ABC show Lawrence Leungs Choose Your Own Adventure for just over $7 and a copy of Madagascar 2 for my nephew for $8.70.


  • admin EDITOR
    Is it that the additional 20% is marked off the price already artemishebe? Or do you need to mention something to them?
  • artemishebe
    They just automatically took the extra 20% off at the registers. So for example the Lawrence Leung one was marked as $8.99 but then came down another 20%. There were posters everywhere in store so it's not one of the usual deals where you have to have a voucher or sign up for something.
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks, I just popped Borders in the title for you ;)

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