Borderlands 2 for PC - $28 at GreenMan Gaming for 24 hrs + 30% off promo code for other Borderlands / XCOM

19 February 2013

The price listed at the moment is $69.99 but they are putting it on 60% off as of 5pm GMT for 24 hours. That will bring the price down to $28. At that level its $11 cheaper than gamelane and around about the same as the steam price. If you take the average for the same game at the usual stores, $50 - $60 its a bargain buy.

Found something interesting on GreenMan though. If you're registered with them, as australian in your account details, and access the site on a non Australian IP address the price for Borderlands 2 shows as $49.99. Discounting that by 60% brings the price to $20 which is steaming bargain. I'm assuming that its showing the price in $AU not $US as it should be picking up my account settings. I know GreenMan do a lot of IP filtering - you can see the price, listings and titles change if you play around with a VPN.

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    The deal with the 30% off promo code is that if you buy Borderlands 2 GreenMan Gaming will give you a 30% off promo code that can be applied to any of the other Borderlands series and also any of the XCOM DLC games. XCOM Enemy Unknown is due to go on sale at 60% off today @ 5pm GMT.

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