BigW - Play Station 3 Slim 120Gb + BluRay Remote + BluRay Movie $488

7 October 2009

BigW's sale starts this Thursday 8th October where you can get a Sony PS3 Slim 120Gb with a BluRay Remote and Angel & Demons BluRay movie for $488.
Given the PS3 console is this price, well, a bit more, and you get the other accessories, not a bad price.

PS3 slim 120gb console: $500 odd
Blu Ray remote: $45
Angels and Demons Movie: $45


  • nod
    I was curious about what the hell the Blu Ray remote was - not being a gamer myself and turned to google.
    is a required accessory if you plan on using the Blu-ray capabilities of the console on a regular basis. The fact that you are forced to use a separate Sony Blu-ray remote (versus a 3rd party universal remote) is a bit of a problem. The fact that the Blu-ray remote is a one trick pony and won't do or control anything else besides the PS3 is an annoyance. And the fact that the remote is nearly unusable in a darkened home theater is criminal. I'll use this remote because I basically have to (please come to the rescue third party manufacturers!), but shame on you Sony. Shame on you.
    The above is a quote from ]Playstation Joystiq, an american game site. They retail for $45+ at the moment online
  • taskel
    I wouldn't mind a free ps3 blu-ray remote. I hate using the ps3 controller when watching movies as they've switched a few buttons about from what the ps2 remote does compaired to the ps3 (like select and triange now do the opposite) and we have a ps2 in the bedroom for a dvd player so I'm all confused on what buttons to hit! haha I'd never pay $45 for it though. Tsk...tsk..:p *(sorry if that doesn't make sense!) That's a good price by the way for the movie bundle, though EB Games have PlayStation 3 bundle (includes PS3 Slim console and choice of LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 or Grand Theft Auto IV): $496 if you would rather pay a few $ more for a free game instead of the movie. Voted hot though.

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