BigW - Cheap Wii package sale only $428 (Wii Sport, Cricket, Mario Kart & NEW Super Mario)

10 November 2009

Just saw this advertised, starting 12th November ending 18th November. i think it's the best Wii deal going around, ready for Christmas!

Catalogue Starts 12th November

Hot buy. $428
Wii Console + Wii Remote + Wii Nunchuk + Wii Sports + Wii Super Mario Bros + Wii Mario Kart Game (including Wii Wheel) + Wii Cricket. Classification: G - general.

Wii Super Mario Bros is the newest release and cheapest I've seen for is $69.99, making this bundle extremely good value!

(Deal link leads you to the catalogue page)


  • admin EDITOR
    Be a bit of a toss up for me between the ]kmart deal and this one personally - although super mario is a good laugh.
  • kickling
    Yeah that's a good deal too - but Rayman Rabbids and Big Beach sports are not high value games (in case someone wanted to sell/trade in) ... but I guess it's why it's $49 cheaper!

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