BigW - $20 iTunes Gift Card - Only $10! (This Weekend Only)

11 December 2009

Pay $10 for a $20 iTunes gift card at BigW this weekend.

There's a limit of 3 per customer. (possibly a 5, my eyesight is bad!)

Ends 13th, part of the big weekend sale.


  • donna6197
    I got 8 of these today (didn't realise there was a limit ... but neither did staff). The staff couldn't get the deal to work if they used the cards - so they gave me register vouchers.
  • eron
    I bought a total of 18 for my friends. Big W QV only sold the card ones, and wasn't able to get the vouchers one until about 2:30pm. They sold about 4000 yesterday!
  • naffi
    Yesterday I bought 5 of the cards, took ages for the validation slips to come through, apparently one in five don't work, as I found out when it rejected the fifth one, so it had to be done again - why are there always huge queues when something like this happens, got lots of evil looks!

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