BigW - 1gb Ipod Shuffle $64, no post, up to 8c p/l fuel discount...

6 March 2008

Head into Big W this week (before the 12th) for a 1gb Ipod Shuffle. That's $33 (more than 33%) off.

Because you can pick it up (assuming you have a store locally), there's no delivery charge, and no waiting time! Pay using your credit card and get whatever bonus points you have on that - and do Big W take FlyBuys? I forget. Get your 4c per litre discounted fuel docket - and team it with a purchase instore (Caltex Woolies or Safeway) for an additional 4c off.

I'm stretching with the add-ons, but I think the price for the Ipod is as good as I have seen online.


  • blackmyst
    I have heard that they have had to lower the price on these ones as the new ones coming out were going to be sold for the same price of $99 and they couldn't justify keeping the price the same with these ones so be prepared to watch the price drop everywhere!
  • admin EDITOR
    good information blackmyst. had a chuckle at your no delivery fee ruby - almost a stack. The fuel discount makes sense. I never read those back of docket deals.
  • leny
    No fly buys in woolworths businesses.
  • nod
    We had a deal around b4 for $69 so this is good :)
  • leny
    We had a deal around b4 for $69 so this is good :)
    To be exact, that deal was for $65, so you have a further saving of $1. :D Though the deal that came directly from apple had free shipping, free engraving and cashback. :w00t: It might still be valid today.

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