Bigpond music & games $50 and $100 gift cards 40% off

30 March 2010

Don't know how long this special is on for, nor if it's at other stores (but JB seem to do this every now and then), but spotted at local JB's (Nepean highway, Melbourne) you can buy the $50 and $100 cards for 40% off. So the $50 card costs $30 and the $100 card $60. So in turn this means that anything that you buy on the site (games/music/etc) will be discounted by 40%.

Note if you're currently a bigpond user you will get an additional 10% discount on music ( online. Not sure, but I suspect there may be discounts for members on the game side as well. I think you only get buckscoop dollars back when buying music vouchers, but you *may* get buckscoop dollars back if buying games.

Anyhow, let's say you want a copy of the"The Very Best of Diana Krall" $29.99 at, $11.99 on itunes, $11.50 ($10.35 big pond member) at bigpond. So that ends up being $6.90($6.21) for the album. On the games side, Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight- is $79.99 = $48 (plus possible cashback?)

Of course if you manage to get the 50% off itunes vouched from Coles then itunes is still cheaper for the album ($6) but then again bigpond tracks are 256-320kbps mp3 jobs so will play on a wider range of devices.....


  • admin EDITOR
    Great find ninkasi.
  • spodosaurus
    Still on here in WA - at the Myaree store at least, went there tonight and bought one. EDIT: it expires on the 19th of April - another week to go!
  • golfwidow
    Thanks ninkasifor sharing this and thanks for the update spod :) Have updated OP with expiry date.
  • spodosaurus
    Apparently these have a six month expiry, so don't buy one intending to get Christmas shopping out of the way early!

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