Big W - Xbox 360 Arcade $278 - Starts Thursday

30 June 2008

Xbox 360 is the basic model. $278 for the xbox 360 arcade, then $60 for a hard drive off ebay and you have the pro version ALMOST.

This is a very good deal!


  • dealhunter08
  • dealhunter08
    Looking at this, you can pick up the harddrive you need FROM bigw for 78.84$ get a wireless controler for $49.98 and still come out atleast 100$ cheaper than a pro pack! that is for the differences between the two! You can't play old xbox games on it. (who wants to play OLD games?) You get a standard cable instead of HD cable. No headset. No ethernet(network) cable. Difference? 529 vs 356.85 = $172 for the above missing pieces! And you get a free 256mb memory card + 5 games!
  • admin EDITOR
    good information dealhunter - thanks. I'm surprised to see the arcade still selling for $400. I suspect these are going to fly out the door on Thursday. Hot vote from me.

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