Big W: $50.00 Apple iTunes Gift Card - Pay just $30 per card this week

28 May 2008

Starting Thursday 29th May 2008, Big W will be having $50.00 iTunes gift cards on sale for just $30 each.

Thats 40% off the regular RRP!


  • Brad
  • nod
    They have had this promo a few times - at different stores. If you use itunes great saving
  • Wally
    Just wish Apple would move at more than Glacier speed to have iTunes release more tracks without their limiting DigitalRightsManagement
  • nod
    True! They dont like to do anything too tricky too fast in that department :D And yet they dont like the freebie sites (for obvious reasons) and want us to pay for the downloads.
  • nod
    I think this offer is still available :)
  • admin EDITOR
    What makes you think that Nod?

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