Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wifi for $195 shipped from DWI

23 January 2013

This is a decent deal. I use the paperwhite and love it. The screen is slightly different to that on the non back lit version and I'd say better. Where its great though is in dark / low light obviously. Having to squint on the old ones was one of my main complaints.

This is about the best local price I can find. There's others popping up on price comparison with great prices but add shipping to it and the headline crumbles. Worst so far has been BecexTech. Great headline price of $168. Shipping charge of $70 ... ummmm

The only humbug you might have here is that DWI are technically not local, although they do provide local warranty agents. But on the upside, this is an Amazon product. Their replacement / returns policy is exceptional.

I personally dont think having 3G on a kindle is worth it. You can just load the kindle up with content and pretty much never run out assuming your adding content periodically when your back home. I have 100+ books on my library. Everytime Amazon has a sale I just go buy more so that at any one time I've got 20 / 30 books in the library which I've not read.

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  • LouiseJ
    I have a Kindle with no back lite and I regret that. I often read while lying next to my baby and not having a backlight is so restricting! Love my Kindle though. Would never read if it wasn't for it!

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