AMAZON.CO.UK - "House MD" season 1-3, region 2 = AU$85.32

8 March 2008

Love House M.D.

I've never had a problem playing Region 2 discs on my Region 4 player - no idea why. Can't testify this to be the case for all players, but so many people have multi-region models now anyway.

I just completed my House dvd collection from Ezy DVD, where the 3 seasons would cost $109.49 (without postage - whether you need to pay more for shipping depends on how much you spend of course). This is as cheap as I've seen the sets new in Australia.

The UK price for all three seasons is £41.97, but that drops to £35.72 for international orders (no tax). With shipping the total is £39.30, which today is AU$85.32. Will vary with exchange rate of course, but has great pricing on a bunch of TV DVD box sets.

See next post for my screen shots to confirm pricing.


  • ScarletRubies
  • Emma EDITOR
    I've never had a problem playing Region 2 discs on my Region 4 player - no idea why.
    Most discs are region 2 and 4. They are just 2 regions that go together, that's how they make them I think. I just saw the last ep of the 1st series of this last night, been watching it on my DVD rental. It's a very good show!!
  • lilpretzel
    I love House the best seasons so far have been 1 & 2.. You can grab this now at for $99.95 + cashback ( about $6 ) + Bonus stress balls :w00t: ( Ruby's deal is still cheaper if you don't want Region 4 ) ] - Free shipping with PayPal + Cashback ( Offer Ends 19th March )
  • gstok
    JB HiFi had, and maybe still has, this for $99 too. If you can't wait and want Region 4... :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I've not seen any of this - but I like Hugo Laurie. Have heard its a bit of a quirky show.
  • ScarletRubies
    He's the kind of doctor I'd want if I was unconscious... don't think I could stand him if I were awake! We don't have channel 10 up here, so I am so desperate to know what's going on in season 4 (no, do0n't tell me - I'll wait for the dvds!).

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