AMAZON.CO.UK - "FARSCAPE" complete 1-4 + PeaceKeeper Wars, region 2 = AU$244.03

8 March 2008

Well, if I had actually bought everything I've been looking at today I would be in serious trouble, but man, I am *so* tempted to grab this box set.

Getting it in region 2 from would save around $80 over the slimline collections in region 4. The complete collection is £112.49

42 discs (75 hours) worth of veg out... I see late nights in my future!

" DVD Description
The fantastic Farscape universe is available as a complete four season box set for the very first time on DVD! Five years ago, astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) attempted to use the Earth's atmosphere to propel his ship, Farscape 1, at great speeds across the solar system. He went much further though and was sucked down a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy and into the middle of a battle. He was rescued by a group of escaping prisoners and taken aboard their ship, a living ship known as Moya... Imaginative, daring and fun, the award-winning Farscape blows other Sci-Fi shows out of the water!

Run Time: 75 hours approx

FARSCAPE is the story of a band of misfit renegades on the run from military Peacekeepers. The hero of the series is the human John Crichton (Ben Browder), a young astronaut and astrophysicist who becomes stranded on the other side of the universe when his Farscape module goes through a wormhole. There, he is taken in by the sentient ship Moya, where he finds himself in the midst of a battle between the militaristic 'Peacekeepers' and a small band of prisoners who are escaping their grasp. He chooses to team with the escapees--a Luxan warrior (Anthony Simcoe), a deposed Hynerian ruler who strongly resembles a frog (voiced by Jonathan Hardy), a shunned Peacekeeper pilot (Claudia Black), and others whom they pick up along the way--as they run from the Peacekeepers, explore space, and try to find Crichton a way back to Earth. Contains series 1 to 4 of FARSCAPE and the PEACEKEEPERS WARS mini-series."


  • nod
    What would you pay for the set in Australia Ruby?
  • ScarletRubies
    Shut down the calculator a few hours ago, but it was about $322 for the individual slim cases, not including postage. I think this deal is fantastic - and if anyone can better it, make it quick because I am keen to buy it! :)
  • nod
    $322!!! That is a great saving :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    I have this set, without the peacekeeper wars. I love this show! I've watched it twice the whole way through now!!
  • jdstacey
    Hehehe - yep - die hard fan here as well. Got all the dvds and peacekeeper wars! Was happy when Ben Browder and Claudia Black joined stargate!!! :D :D
  • Wally
    Edit: Sorry didn't read the OUT of STOCK on the listings Even tho JBHiFi pissed me off with their on their recent Planet Eartb HD-DVD offer must admit their prices are good before adding to Australia's balance of payments deficit by sending money to the Pomms maypay to check JB's price on Farscape think ther shipping is $AU2.50 per itemi
  • ScarletRubies
    Not sure what the go is - they're all out of stock anyway, but there's a total of 25 discs with the 4 seasons & Peacekeeper Wars... the UK edition is 42 discs. Of course, there's the money thing - JB adds up to $188.70, so saving another $70 over UK pricing (and $150 cheaper than Ezy DVD - that's crazy!). Anyone have any more info? I can't imagine what is on the other 17 dvds. Guess I am not going to commit to buying them this weekend!
  • Emma EDITOR
    Hehehe - yep - die hard fan here as well. Got all the dvds and peacekeeper wars! Was happy when Ben Browder and Claudia Black joined stargate!!! :D :D
    Yeah, Claudia was an excellent character in Stargate - she was hilarious at times!

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