AMAZON.CO.UK - "Dawson's Creek" season 1-7, region 2 = AU$72.38

8 March 2008

OK, this is a lousy confessional, but I am half tempted to get this box series. I never saw the whole lot, but I kinda like Pacey.

So, the 7 seasons in Australia will set you back around $170-200. Get the UK box set and pay £33.34 with postage - today that's AU$72.38


(it's getting worse, by the way; I'm going to check out the price on Beverly Hills 90210!)


  • ScarletRubies
    Ah well - someone might be glad to know it's cheaper to buy Bev Hills at Ezy DVD while they are on sale with free postage! :D (it's on pre-order; posted next week).
  • admin EDITOR
    Funny - I'd never think to buying stuff off the UK sites - but I guess the relative $ to £ strength makes it viable.
  • admin EDITOR
    very good price btw - not that I'd buy it in a fit.... :)

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