Aldi special buys on DVD's from 25th June @ $7.99 each

20 June 2009

15 Family DVDs $7.99 ea

Titles include The Silver Brumby, The Never Ending Story 1 & 3, Spy Kids, Stormbreaker, Short Circuit, Supercross, Benji the Movie, Benji, Milo & Otis, Cats & Dogs, Thief Lord, Oliver Twist, Racing Stripes and Dreamer. Titles may vary from store to store.

18 Comedy DVDs $7.99 ea

Titles include 40 Year Old Virgin, American Pie, Blues Brothers, Hot Fuzz, Happy Gilmore, Along Came Polly, I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Shaun of the Dead, Liar Liar, Meaning of Life, Parenthood, You, Me and Dupree, The Holiday, Major Payne, Evan Almighty, Mr Beans Holiday, Bulletproof and Smokey and the Bandit. Titles may vary from store to store.

10 Childrens DVDs $7.99 ea

Titles include Hoodwinked, Three Pigs and a Baby, Tortoise vs. Hare, The Reef, Happy Feet, Space Chimps, Jane & The Dragon: Foul Weather Friend, Dragon Rules, Knight Light and Dragon Diva. Titles may vary from store to store.

13 Night In DVDs
20 Drama DVDs
20 Action DVDs
18 TV Series DVDs @ $19.99 ea
12 DVD Double Packs $10.99

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