Aldi 32" or 81cm HD LCD TV with built in DVD player

22 January 2011

Vivid Brand HD LCD TV (High definition tuner built in)

* Screen resolution: 1366 x 768** (note this is not 1080p resolution ie it is not Full HD)
* Built-in DVD player
* PVR record function (Personal Video Recorder PVR function provides rapid access to a range of multimedia. Connect your memory drive or HDD (maybe slow with large drives but works ok with USB pen drives under 1 Gb apparently) via USB to record or playback TV, movies, music or photos.)
* 2 HDMI inputs
* contrast ratio: 2000:1
* One year warranty
* Including the stand, its dimensions are 57 x 80 x 23cm.
* Less than 1W standby power
* Remote control
* Weighs 14.8kg

**Despite the fact that a 32-inch LCD with "only" 1366x768 pixels has to throw away a good deal of information to display a 1080i football game, you'd be hard-pressed to see MORE detail on a similar 32-inch LCD with 1920x1080 resolution.

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