AKAI AUDIO STORAGE ENTERTAINMENT UNIT - $19.95 delivered @ dinosaur Deals

23 July 2008

AKAI AUDIO STORAGE ENTERTAINMENT UNIT - $19.95 delivered @ dinosaur Deals


* 3 purpose-designed shelves for easy access to your audio system and CDs
* Tempered glass door cabinet to protect those special items and favourite CDs
* Specially-designed slot to fit all system wires for power outlet connection
* An easy to set-up, well crafted stand. The unit is high quality and lives up to the standards AKAI demands of its products
* 2x Speaker Stands (detachable): 36.5h x 20w x 30d
* Unit: 100h x 40.5w x 36d
o Top section: 30cm high
o Middle section: 14cm high
o Bottom section: 31cm high


  • Brad
    Good price including delivery :)
  • geo78
    this is a very good buy considering that on ]oztion is $59.95+$15 delivery.
  • yovi
    amazing...:w00t: I ordered it on thursday morning and I got the item today via courier!! Great service. It looks great too and to top it all, I got the 1.35$ cashback already validated. Thanks buckscoop :)
  • geo78
    could the person who voted negative on this deal (and brought the temperature down by 8 degrees) please tell me what is wrong with this deal from theri point of view? thanks. it's very strange.
  • geo78
    wow. another cold vote since midnight tonight that dropped the temperature by another 7 degrees. and no comment. i wonder why. i really don't understand what's happenning here. after a very positive feedback about the deal from someone who actually took advantage of it (thanks yovi btw), there are so many cold votes without any good reason. i can only hope that moderators don't take into consideration the cold votes that are without an explanation.
  • geo78
    anybody else care to share their experience with dinosaur deals?

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