$9 movie ticket for 'The Good Shepherd'

28 February 2007

Save yourself about $6 and go and see the new movie directed by Robert De Niro
Sounds like a good movie too.
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  • Smarmie
    Great deal. Heading to the site now. Heard the movie is fantastic! Can't go wrong for 9 bucks :)
  • stinkmeister
    :) - ta Nod. Not concerned what the reviews are - its trash - its cheap - and its a night out.
  • pow a.
    Can't beat a good De Niro movie, though I haven't seen any he's directed :) Cheers for the link nod ;)
  • mouldgirl
    ooooooooooooo awesome I like going to the movies but hate paying the $15 cheers :p

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