$89 Apple Ipod Shuffle @ Aldi from 29/11

23 November 2007

$89 Apple Ipod Shuffle @ Aldi from 29/11

Stores 240 songs
Clip-on design
Shuffle switch function
Includes earphones and USB dock
12-hour battery life
Available in silver or blue
Dimensions: 41.2 x 27.6 x 10.5mm


  • mmmntl
    shuffle* the aldi website has it listed as shuffle too, for a second there i thought they were selling a cheap knock off
  • nod
    With only 240 song capacity what size is this? And what generation I wonder?
  • elegantegotist
    It's the 1gb silver one i think. I wonder how much the RRP is ? (not that i need one anyway but it would make a nice christmas gift for a young child).
  • nod
    Thanks Elegantegotist :)

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