$8 tickets to the Village Cinema disney princess film festival

7 February 2013

Its not the hugest discount on normal promo kids ticket prices from Village Cinemas but its not back for weekend screenings.

Deal in the festival promo is that they're doing a Saturday and Sunday screening of the following films on the following dates:
Alladin - 9th & 10th of Feb
Mulan - 16th & 17th of Feb
Pocahontas - 23rd & 24th Feb
Tangled - 2nd & 3rd of March
The Princess & The Frog 9th, 10th & 11th of March
Cindarella - 16th & 17th March.

If you see any three of the films they will give you a ticket to see Cindarella for free - which would effectively bring the price per ticket across 4 films to $6 a film which is a good discount on normal promo prices.

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