50% Wind Up Dynamo Radio - Now $39.95 at Kathmandu

14 March 2008

Dynamo Radio at Kathmandu - 50% off.

Was $79.90.
Now $39.95.

Doesn't use batteries. Like those wind up torches, you wind the handle for 1-2 minutes or so and you get 1 hour of use.
Really great.


  • nod
    Is this Dynamo the weather proof radio?? If so this has a LED torch as well :) These are a great idea. While I was looking around for a price comparison I found that they are for sale at ]WWF for $39.95 as the normal price so the 1/2 price idea may be a bit over the top :D And as all profit from the WWF sale goes to ]Oz conservation I recommend that is where we shop... well I would :)
  • admin EDITOR
    This must be part of their easter sale.
  • admin EDITOR
    Women’s Windfleece® Vest v3 http://www.salefinder.co.nz/images/products/1241.jpg Thats not a bad buy for $89.95.
  • admin EDITOR
    And the Iceline Jacket @ $449.90 .... http://www.salefinder.co.nz/images/products/1249.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    Some decent prices on backpacks and day packs..... :D - they even have kids outdoor gear these days...... jeeze This 3L hydration pack is a good buy considering that a bladder alone will cost you $25 or so. http://www.salefinder.co.nz/images/products/1513.jpg I have two hydration packs, a small camelback and a slightly larger one that fits tools and crap and use them both constantly. My only complaint with ones like this (and my camelback) is that you really cant fit anything else in there except for a set of keys and some money. Good enough for cycling, running or walking but crap for jollies on the motorcycle through the bush.
  • lisss
    Kathmandu is a bit ridiculous... they double their prices and then have frequent 50% off sales. Most people are aware of this and so wouldn't buy from them unless they're having a sale, and even then as nod demonstrated they're not that cheap. They do do some good own brand stuff however especially womens backpacks.

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