49 titles reduced to $9.95 delivered @ Play4me +7.2% cashback

13 September 2007

Play4me.com.au have 49 different titles reduced to a nice price of $9.95, including free insured post with the coupon below, and you'll also get around 70c cashback for each title you purchase!

As Play4me are having their 2nd birthday at the moment, orders over $50 will get a bonus from the 'Play4me lucky dip' and all orders will get a Play4me sticker included. :P

28 Days - Stealing Chairs pictured on the right.


  • nod
    Only old titles really to chose from though which is a shame But you have certainly gathered a great pile of discount codes for Play4me Brad
  • Brad
    I seem to have made a collection of them. :D
  • nod
    You sure have :D

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