$49 Forbidden Secrets Adults Only Gift Boxes, Includes Delivery (Up to $149 Value)

11 August 2012

$49 for 1 box
Or you can buy 2 gift boxes for $89.00

Due to the adult nature of these items, I will not list the items found in each box, but you can see them here yourself:

The price includes delivery.

You purchase from Groupon then redeem from the website.


  • jezebel8
    I need me one of these..
  • Pookie
    Hmmm, I better not make any comments :rolleyes:
  • Rebekah76
    LOL - Pookie - that looks great above your tagline that you've bought another one!!
  • Keeys
    PMSL well spotted Rebekah ;)
  • Pookie
    ........ :p

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