40% off photo books @ snapfish - Hard cover books only

11 March 2008

40% off photo books @ snapfish.

Snapfish Photo Books are the perfect way to capture, treasure and share your favourite memories.
Create your Photo Book then enter coupon code PBEASTAU40 on the Pick up or ship? page. You will arrive at this page after clicking on the Check out button of your shopping cart.


  • nod
    Thanks Yovi Any chance you could repost this as a voucher please? :) This way all the vouchers listed on Buckscoop end up in the same place ]here - a neat reference for us all Great deal btw too :) Just a quick not to remind us all that Snapfish only payout cashback on the first order - not subsequent sales. So if you have received cashback from Snapfish before you are not eligible for it again
  • golfwidow
    HOT from me. Any discount from Snapfish is great in my book :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Love these books!
  • brokendove
    After spending several hours working on my book, I found out the code is only for the HARD cover books.
  • nod
    http://bestsmileys.com/welcome/9.gif Brokendove and thanks. I have updated the title. What is the price difference between the paperback and hard cover please Brokendove?

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