$39.95 for an Acoustic Guitar + Learning DVD & Book, Delivered @ Scoopon

11 May 2012

I can't personally testify to the quality of the Acoustic Guitar..

However, looks like a fun pack to give someone who wants to learn how to play the guitar without breaking the bank!

Can't be all that bad for a first timer...! $39.95 is a decent price to pay for all that!

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  • ninkasi
    Yeah... I suspect on the ladder of greatness, we're looking at a guitar that is just one rung above toy. You can walk into a music store and get something that's better again for well under $100... probably with a soft case and a tuner thrown in. Eg ]this kit. You're looking at probably $150 or so for an even better guitar (eg ]here). This $40 job is fine for fun as you say, the only thing being with the cheap jobs they seem to go out of tune almost instantly which can be very frustrating for a newbie.... I was tempted to get one of these for my son, but I think I'll spend a few extra $$ and get something better.

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