35mm Film & Slide Scanners @ COTD $49.95 + Post

8 March 2010

35mm Film & Slide Scanners

2 Models Available! Check Images to View

5 Mega Pixels! Preserve Precious Memories!

So easy to use - latest models, just arrived!

Two scanner options available - select your preferred option in the dropdown menu at checkout

OPTION A: 35mm Film & Slide Scanner $49.95
OPTION B: Yashica 35mm Film & Slide Scanner with 2.4" TFT Screen (Stand Alone) $99.95

Dust off that old box of slides and film because with the amazing Film & Negative Converter/Scanner you can preserve all those old memories and classic photos as pristine quality digital images ready for print! Its a film & slide scanner capable of standalone operation! Simply transfer images straight to your PC or laptop via the USB cable. Crop, edit and resize ready for printing or sharing! Its a fantastic device and a surefire sellout at todays sweet price. Bite now and get ready to bring all your old film and slides into the digital age!

Option A - 35mm Film & Slide Scanner:

35mm film and slide scanner
5 Mega Pixel
One Touch Button for scanning
Edit and view images on the PC or laptop
Compact and stylish design
On/Off switch
Auto Exposure/Colour balance algorithm
USB power from adaptor (included)

Option B - Yashica 35mm Film & Slide Scanner with 2.4" TFT

5MP stand-alone 35mm film and slide scanner
Larger 2.4" Colour TFT LCD - preview and edit scans without a PC!
Compact and stylish design
Auto Exposure/Colour balance algorithm + Manual Control
Powerful onboard processor
Onboard SD/MMC card slot - save your slides direct to memory card, without a PC!
Supporting preview, playback, and editing function
USB power from adaptor (included)
SDHC compatible (up to 8GB).

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  • admin EDITOR
    Its been a while since they last had these on sale at this price. When they last did it there was plenty of interest but the unit they were selling was crap.

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