'300' dvd on pre-order at dStore for $28.71

22 June 2007

This is the best price I can find for the dvd of the movie '300'.
And surprisingly it is at dStore! They seem to be getting better at their prices - well in their new entertainment newsletter they are.

Personally I would be buying enough to spend $60 and get the $15 off as well as the Buckscoop cashback

The price is only until stocks last... but how long is that??? Who knows


  • Emma EDITOR
    I really enjoyed this movie, but i know some who did not. Fight scenes were brill, a pleasure for my twisted mind to behold... !
  • admin EDITOR
    whats 300 about ??
  • sandgroper
    Its a film depicting the Battle of Thermopylae, remember back to 1962 and the 300 Spartans movie? In the film, a force of 300 Greek Spartans fights against a Persian army of almost limitless size. Despite the odds, they will not flee or surrender, even if it means their deaths.
  • wheadle
    Blood gore and more blood :D
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - they've jumped the price up to $38 - fair difference between the pre order and post release, or maybe thats just dstore pricing.

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