25% off tickets to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with discount code.

14 February 2013

Thanks to DrKazanovaKK for finding the discount code.

From experience year to year you'd be nuts to pay full price for show tickets. There's nearly always a discount code or two floating around which like the one DrKazanovaKK found gets you 25% off.

Worth taking up if you know your going to be going.


  • DrKazanovaKK
    Code change: S25S13EX02
  • Keeys
    Has anyone used this? I don't seem to be able to get it to work when playing around to see what will work out best deal.
  • DrKazanovaKK
  • byrnes
    S25S12ABC this one does work. I just used it
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks Byrnes

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