24 Season 1 and 2 collector's DVD boxset for only $26.33 delivered!

17 April 2007

I think this is a good price for 24 seasons one and two special collector's edition boxset. it is $26.33 delivered from ezyDVD! I think it's a lot more expensive to buy them seperately... I've only seen the first series so far, really enjoyed it though!

24 - Season 1: The groundbreaking thriller, starring Kiefer Sutherland as Special Agent Jack Bauer, 24 is filmed in real-time. Combined with split-screen scenes of simultaneous action, 24 takes place hour-by-hour over 24 hours on the day of the Californian Presidential elections. The action starts at midnight as Jack Bauer of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) faces the longest day of his life. He is about to take on his toughest missions to date - to foil the assassination attempt on presidential candidate Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), and to rebuild his marriage with his wife Terri (Leslie Hope). When their daughter Kimberly (Elisha Cuthbert) sneaks out with her best friend Janet, Terri sets out to find her with the help of the Janet's father.

24 - Season 2: Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) race to prevent a nuclear bomb being detonated by terrorists in Los Angeles in the second season of 24.


  • admin EDITOR
    is there as many torture scenes in it as they report ??
  • Emma EDITOR
    I don't recall that many (or any) in the first series... where there maybe more in later series? They're up to series 5 I think now...
  • admin EDITOR
    and of course - your out of luck now.... its sold out.

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