$20 Special screening SAW IV PLUS DVD of SAW III - 24th October

18 October 2007

Since a normal ticket costs you about $15 and the cheapest price I can find for the dvd Saw III is $15 - you can save yourself $10 if you want to see the movie and also want the dvd.

To get the offer you do need to sign up to the MSN newsletter but you can limit the amount of mail you get. I only get 2-3 emails a week


  • nod
  • Brad
    I haven't seen any of the Saw movies. The look great though. :)
  • nod
    I am not a horror movie fan but I think if you are then the SAW moives are held in high regard :D
  • fairybelle
    I really like these movies, they are really clever and scare the crapola outta me.. thanks for the deal nod!
  • wheadle
    They do have a bit more thought that the average horror flick. Gotta give em that

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