20% off one full price DVD @ Borders

15 June 2007

Goto the link, print out the coupon and take it in to a Borders store for the discount!


  • Emma EDITOR
    http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/8858/borderset9.jpg Thanks for the post horsie!! Saved me a job this week! Just want to point out that these kind if things are usually posted as "voucher" so they are listed in the voucher section :)
  • nod
    Gotta love Borders Thanks heaps for the post Horseforthree And as Jayne mentioned above, we usually post up these sorts of deals as vouchers. The benefit is that they all then appear in the vouchers section of the site - easy for people to search. Got any questions about posting this up as a voucher - just let me know Thanks Voted hot!

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