10 Hoyts movie tickets for $50

5 May 2010

My company has just released a good deal for one of their clients:

10 movie tickets for $50 (+freight). It's actually a very good value, you normally get them at $110.

One catch you need to have a Mastercard.

here is the link:

I know that the deal is only for a short period of time and has limited supply.

they want to send a newsletter to their base so better hurry.



  • Quokka
    Wow, that sold out quickly!
  • vipulrm
    I think they have already sold out. The site tells me they no longer have tickets left :( :(
  • sam
    :( would have been good..please let us know if anymore come up!!
  • shoppingjunky
    @ SAM: sorry but it was just a one off.
  • shoppingjunky
    Sorry Guys, Deal is gone. My Clients do run cheap deals on movie tickets (not as good as this one though) Check ]Cheap movie tickets from Always On Sale

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