Zavvi - Quarkie Designer Earphones [ British Studio-monitor Sound Quality ] From $12.80 + Shipping

Zavvi - Quarkie Designer Earphones  [ British Studio-monitor Sound Quality ] From $12.80 + Shipping


You don't need to spend a fortune to standout from the crowd or get noticed :)

Zavvi - Quarkie Designer Earphones From $12.80 + Shipping.

Viper Head Yellow Earphones for Example:

Offering a unique, optical illusion, the Musical Fidelity Quarkie Earphones are eye catching earphones with a viper head tip. The unique custom made ear tips come in four different sizes for the perfect noise isolating seal, so you can immerse yourself in high quality sound.

Enjoy British studio monitor sound quality, the headphones feature 13.5mm drivers and a neodymium magnet to deliver high sensitivity, low distortion and powerful bass.


British studio-monitor sound quality
Unique custom-made, high quality eartips, in four sizes: XS, S, M, L, give perfect ear canal seal for top performance and enjoyment
Excellent external noise isolation
13.5mm hi-tech driver with exclusive aluminum voice coil and neodymium magnet
High sensitivity, low distortion and amazing bass performance

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    ***More Quarkie Designer Earphones*** ***Gemstone*** ***Rusty Bolt :D*** ***Chameleon Eye*** ***Snake Eye*** ***Cat Eye*** ***Viper Head Green***
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    ***Review*** We learned to not expect much from products intended to shock or awe with their design. Of course on Quarkie's site, you'll find reviews comparing them favorably to Beats, but that's not much indication to go by, is it. But surprisingly, these quirky Quarkie are really good. Might have something to do with the 13.5mm drivers. Even at 89 eur list price with free shipping, Quarkie isn't that much overpriced in terms of sound alone. They're also available for 30 GBP on eBay or 60 USD on Amazon (+ shipping) and for this price, I think they're actually really good.