20% Off Pinkfong Baby Shark Play-Doh Set @ Mighty Ape

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
20% Off Pinkfong Baby Shark Play-Doh Set @ Mighty Ape

If you thought you'd seen and heard enough of THAT song to last you a lifetime, brace yourselves parents, because Baby Shark toys are popping up all over the place, and among them is a shark-y Play-Doh set that will have kids singing along for DAYS! It's on sale at Mighty Ape for just $16 right now.

The set includes 12 tubs of Play-Doh compound in pink, blue, yellow and green; and there are white, black and orange tubs thrown in for adding the perfect details to the entire shark family.

The included cutters will help kids create perfect Mummy, Daddy and Baby Shark forms; and the stampers and moulds are fabulous for building up those underwater worlds.

When it comes to gifts for preschoolers, it's very hard to go wrong with Play-Doh, and when it's combined with the characters of the internet's catchiest song EVER, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a winner.

Prepare to hear a whole lot more about those sharks!

Standard shipping is $6.


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    this is cool

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    Would be awesome

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    Urm no thank you

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    omg the girls would love this lol