You Can Pre-Order L.O.L Surprise Fuzzy Pets Now!

You Can Pre-Order L.O.L Surprise Fuzzy Pets Now!

A new L.O.L Surprise toy is on the way, and if the popularity of Under Wraps, the Bling Series and Hair Goals were anything to go by, new L.O.L Surprise Fuzzy Pets are going to be seriously hot property for die-hard collectors. The good news is that Mighty Ape is taking pre-orders already for just $25.

The release date is scheduled for 30th April, so while there's a bit of a wait on these fuzzy new arrivals, pre-ordering will save you the stress of tracking these down in stores. If they are like other L.O.L toys, they could be hard to find in the early days!

What are L.O.L Surprise Fuzzy Pets?

Known as a "makeover series", these guys are little fuzzy animals one minute, and super stylin' pets the next.

Inside the pink shampoo bottle there are seven surprises, one of which is a very fuzzy, very colourful pet. As is customary with L.O.L Surprise dolls, there is a bit of water play involved with this, and kids have to submerge their pet in water to release the fuzz and reveal a whole new pet!

Of course, other items include accessories and other cuteness; and the shampoo bottle converts to a nifty little pet carrier, complete with carry handle.

All in all, you've got massive cuteness, a major reveal and a portable pet with this one.

Here'a what you get:

  • L.O.L. Surprise Fuzzy Pet (arrives in fuzzy format)
  • Magic Mirror
  • Secret Message
  • Bottle
  • Scooper
  • Fashion Accessory
  • Outfit

L.O.L Surprise Fuzzy Pets are a blind buy, so you won't know which pet you're going to get. But it's safe to say that they're all going to be pretty adorable.

Mighty Ape ships for $6 (from New Zealand).

Other Sellers:

At this stage, no other stores are taking pre-orders. We'll let you know as soon as they're available elsewhere, and at what price.


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